What is CEMS?

CEMS is a global alliance of academic and corporate institutions dedicated to educating and preparing future generations of international business leaders.

The CEMS academic and corporate members work collectively to develop knowledge and provide education that is essential in the multilingual, multicultural and interconnected business world.

The joint CEMS Master’s in International Management is the main vehicle for achieving this goal.

Common to all activities is the aim of promoting global citizenship, with particular emphasis placed upon the following values:

  • The pursuit of excellence with high standards of performance and ethical conduct;
  • Understanding and drawing upon cultural diversity with respect and empathy;
  • Professional responsibility and accountability in relation to society as a whole.

Source: CEMS.org

Master in International Management

The CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM) is a joint degree delivered by CEMS Academic Members. It is a postgraduate, pre-experience degree open to a select group of students enrolled in a Master’s programme at one of the leading universities in the CEMS Alliance.

The CEMS MIM unites high-calibre professors from leading universities and business schools, multinational companies and non-profit organisations jointly designing and delivering theoretical knowledge and practical know-how.

Students joining the one-year CEMS MIM Programme benefit from exposure to:

  • International course experience
  • Top-ranked universities
  • Theoretical foundation based on state-of-the-art research results
  • Practical know-how through cooperation with multinational companies
  • Valuable professional and personal contacts through a close community
  • Exceptional Career Entry perspectives

The MIM Programme is a one-year “consecutive” Master’s programme in the field of Management, building on previous knowledge acquired by students in their Bachelor’s (or corresponding first cycle) degree studies.

Source: CEMS.org

CEMS at Copenhagen Business School

The content of the programme is practice-oriented, advanced and takes place in the second year of the MSc studies at Copenhagen Business School. At the end of your studies, you will obtain a MSc degree from Copenhagen Business School as well as the CEMS Master’s in International Management degree.

The CEMS Master’s in International Management is a one year programme which you study in combination with your MSc degree from CBS. The CEMS Master takes place in the second year of your studies in your third and fourth semester.

The programme is flexible in relation to course selection as CEMS MIM offers you a range of electives in a number of different areas. This gives you the opportunity to shape your own individual profile in combination with your CBS Master’s degree. Jointly, the different elements of the programme develop your academic knowledge, your soft skills and your practical experience.

Source: CBS.dk