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  • Foster relationships between the CEMS students and the CEMS Corporate Partners: bridge the education and business worlds
  • Activities to expand and strengthen the program’s various collaborations: skill seminars, company visits, networking events
  • Promote employment prospects of CEMS graduates & understand what are the requisites that companies look for when recruiting students
Société Générale at the CEMS Club Copenhagen

On the 1st of October, Société Générale held a presentation about the company’s General Inspection Team and potential career paths,  exclusively for CEMS students at CBS. The program is characterized by its high degree of internationality and flexibility. Participants of the General Inspection Team will spend around 40 percent of the complete program abroad, as well as going through various stages within the program, which leads to a multi-faceted impression of a bank’s operational business.

In addition, it was emphasized that the program would be a perfect fit to everybody who is eager about to work within a financial environment, but is not really sure about the area he/she wants to succeed in. This program does not require any specific academical background: The representatives expressly emphasized that everyone who held a master’s degree is welcome to apply, regardless the program of the master’s degree of the applicant.  All in all, the program has left a very positive on the students, as for example the following comment of a student shows:

The meeting was really interesting, I was surprised how cool the program looked like. I never thought I would be interested in working for a big bank!

Also, the responsibility that you get from the very beginning within the program has left a positive impression on the students:

I was especially impressed by the high level of responsibility they seem to give you, as your working with peers for big clients across the world and might even become team lead within those first three years.

In conclusion, it can be said that the bank’s program fits with the international orientation of the CEMS program and that the company presentation has enriched the student.  CEMS students are definitely interested in such an excellent program.

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