👩‍🍳 Social & Events

You never miss out a party & are an expert in finding the best bars in town – Join us!

What we do

The Social Committee organizes entertainment, travel, cultural, sports and other activities for CEMS students. The idea is to facilitate relationship-building through informal events which are excellent occasions for students to network and get to know each other.

The Social Committee are responsible for organizing certain flagship events such as:

  • Social activities during the Block Seminar (Fall) and RGL seminar (Spring)
  • Christmas/Easter lunch
  • Welcome party for newly accepted CEMSies
  • Winter/Summer gala

Other commonly planned activities include running dinner/drinks, trips to museums and parties. The Committee is contributing a lot to the experiences we as students share during our CEMS year!

If you have a great idea of an event you would like to join – directly make it happen together with us and contact Jerome!